Are you looking for Laser Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?, Laser Wheel alignment involves making adjustments to a vehicle’s wheel angles to ensure they are aligned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Improper wheel alignment has a negative impact on your tyres’ life’s span and also decreases your car’s fuel efficiency and steering performance. Therefore, it is imperative to visit a trustworthy garage for wheel alignment Maidstone, like Malling Repair Services, if you’re experiencing any symptom of incorrect wheel alignment.

When Should You Visit Our Wheel Alignment Garage Maidstone?

Look out for these top 5 signs of misaligned wheels.

An off-centre steering wheel

Pay close attention to your car manufacturer’s emblem on the steering wheel when driving down a straight road. If it is tilting towards the right or left. it means that your vehicle’s steering wheel is uneven. This is usually caused due to misaligned wheels. Make sure to drive down to our reliable workshop to address the issue immediately.

Car drifts to one side

Try out this small test on a straight road that has minimal traffic. Take your hands off the steering wheel and observe if your car veers to one side or not. In case it does, this is an indication of improper wheel alignment. Drive down to our garage for wheel alignment Maidstone at the earliest opportunity.

A vibrating steering wheel

Your car’s steering wheel is likely to vibrate unusually in case the wheels are misaligned.

Loose steering wheel

lf your vehicle’s steering wheel feels a bit loose, or if there’s very little tyre movement when you’re turning it, the chances are that the wheels are misaligned. Please make sure to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

Uneven tyre wear/squealing noises

Does one or more of your vehicle’s tyres wear out faster than the others? There’s a high chance the wheels might be misaligned. As they wear out inconsistently, you may hear them squeal when accelerating or taking turns.

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lf you experience any symptoms of improper wheel alignment mentioned above, visit our facility during business hours for the most efficient wheel alignment Maidstone.

Our trained experts adjust the following three angles to ensure that your car’s wheels are angled correctly:


This refers to the inward or outward tilt of your car’s wheels when one views them from the front of the vehicle. If the wheel leans away from the car, that’s positive camber.

However, if the wheel tilts towards the vehicle, it is known as negative camber.


This refers to the forward and backward slope of the steering axis. In case the steering axis leans towards the back of your vehicle, its known as positive caster. If it leans towards the car’s front side, it is known as negative caster.


Toe refers to the extent to which the car’s wheels tilt outward or inward when viewed from the top. If the front of the wheel tilts towards the car’s centre, it’s known as toe-in.

On the contrary, if it points away from the vehicle’s centre, that’s toe-out.

Drive down to our facility for the most accurate and state-of-the-art wheel alignment Maidstone at a reasonable price.

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