Shock Absorbers, Are You Looking For Shock Absorbers For Your Vehicle?, Shock absorbers are an essential part of your vehicle’s suspension system that ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience. They absorb the energy created when the vehicle goes over a bump or pothole. They then convert it into thermal energy, which is evenly distributed throughout the vehicle’s frame.

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How Does A Shock Absorber Work?

Shock absorber may look small but has a huge role in ensuring driving comfort and safety. It basically is a hydraulic piston which comes with a fluid-filled tube. When your car suspension moves up and down, the tiny holes present in the tube allow fluid to pass through them.

As a result, the piston’s movement slows down, subsequently slowing down the spring and the suspension system as well, meaning there is less movement, and you get a more comfortable ride.

These are an integral part of your suspension system, and therefore you must opt for a shock absorbers Maidstone from a reliable garage like us in case of any issue.

Causes of shock absorber damage

Get in touch with our garage for shock absorbers Maidstone should you experience any of the following issues, which can damage the shacks.

  • Damaged and dented car wheels
  • Driving over speed bumps and potholes at high speeds
  • Driving on misaligned wheels for extended periods
  • Frequently driving on rugged terrains
  • Faulty tyre pressure
  • Poor tyre condition
  • Broken control arm, etc.

What are the symptoms of worn-out shock absorbers?

  • Oily and greasy shock absorbers
  • Accelerated and uneven tyre wear
  • Increased difficulty to maintain stability while driving on a straight road
  • Car nosedives forward whenever you apply the brakes
  • Diminished driving comfort
  • Reduced cornering precision
  • One side of the vehicle sits lower than the others
  • Compromised acceleration rate, etc.

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