Best Interim service for your vehicle, Being a car owner and wanting to keep it safe on the road, you should provide it regular services. If you don’t have time for full service, we have an option of an interim service that is less comprehensive and should be done every six months for better working of your car. This is the guide to the best interim car service by Malling Repair Services in Foster St, Maidstone.

What is interim service?

In interim car service you get complete to the point checkup of your car working and functioning. It doesn’t replace your annual full service but instead if there is any issue you will notice it before time to prevent major damage to your vehicle.

Why does your vehicle need an interim service?

While booking an interim service, check out how many miles you cover in a year. If your yearly average is more than 7,000-7,500 miles, it is ideal for you to book interim service every six months to keep your car running smoothly. It highly depends on the use of your car or types of trips you take.

Are you looking for the best car interim service in Foster St, Maidstone?

There are many companies that can provide you car services but if you are looking for the best service in Foster St, Maidstone, then MALLING repair service is for you. We offer a range of interim service to you. We provide you services from vehicle safety check to brake fluid check etc. We are based in Foster St, Maidstone, and you book, we service and we diagnose. We also offer a guarantee on our work.

What is included in our interim car service?

We provide you variety of services such as:

  • Oil filters replacement.
  • Checking fluid levels.
  • Exterior body check.
  • Testing headlights.
  • Checking wheel alignments.
  • Air conditioner check.
  • Battery check.
  • Checking brakes, fluid of brake. and hand brakes etc.
  • Testing shock absorber.
  • Inspecting gearbox and clutch.
  • Checking spark plug conditions.
  • Windscreen wiper check.

How long does it take in an interim service?

Duration usually depends on the type of service and the faults you want to get repaired. We provide interim service in almost 2 hours depending on the fault and repairing it needs. It may take little bit more if service or fault is time taking.

How to choose between our Full service or Interim Service?

Are you confused whether you should get your car our full service or interim service? The answer is you should look at the type of trips you usually take. In short trips fuel doesn’t get a chance to get hot which will cause problems. In that case you need to change it more often.

Ideally you can get interim service for your car every six months and yearly get a full service for better running of your car.

A point to remember is that you should never replace full service with interim service because it covers only major services to keep your car in shape and prevent major breakdowns in future.

How to find us?

The best way to find interim car service in Foster St, Maidstone is to search us on google. You will get complete map detail on google maps. We have a website where you can get our number and you can call us to know information about any service and book your appointment before visiting.

You can also ask us about our prices and time it will take for your required service to be done. We can also guide you about which service you should take by looking at your car condition.