MOT, Are You Looking for MOT in Maidstone?, Vehicles more than three years old need to pass an annual MOT Maidstone every year to ensure they meet the safety standards set by the DVSA. The test covers various car components, including exhaust, suspension, electronics, etc, to ensure they meet all road-safety and environmental standards.

Is your vehicle’s MOT about to expire? Are you looking for an MOT Maidstone?

lf yes, Malling Repair Services Ltd is your go-to destination. We are a highly trusted car garage authorised to conduct MOT checks for Class 4 vehicles. Our facility comes with a

team of certified technicians equipped with the latest tools and machinery to perform accurate MOT checks as well as MOT repairs.

MOT Vehicle Classes

Class 4: Passenger cars with a maximum of 8 seats, dual purpose vehicles, goods vehicles with up to 3000 kg DGW, etc.

What Does Our MOT Maidstone Entail?

Professionals at our facility will first check MOT history of your vehicle and then assess the following components:

Tyres and wheels

Car tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. Our experts will inspect the tread depth and check for the wheels’ condition to determine if they are free of damages.


A well-functioning exhaust ensures the vehicular emission stays within permissible limits. We will check both the condition of the exhaust system and the level of emission of your vehicle.


Brakes are instrumental for maximum on-road safety. During an MOT Maidstone, we will assess the components of the braking system closely.


Damaged or worn-out shock absorbers and other suspension components can compromise driving safety and affect handling comfort significantly. Our team will inspect the different components of your vehicle’s suspension during an MOT check Maidstone.

Lights and reflectors

We will check the condition of tail lights, headlights, hazard lights, brake lights, indicators, fog lights, etc, to ensure they meet all the legal requirements.

Others checks

In addition to the above-mentioned components, we will also examine the following parts of your vehicle:

  • Windscreen and wiper blades
  • Mirrors
  • Registration plate
  • Airbags
  • Horns
  • Speedometer, etc.

Types Of Issues Detected In An MOT Test Maidstone

Issues detected during MOT checks are classified under these following groups depending on the severity:

Dangerous (leads to MOT failure) Major (can also lead to MOT failure) Minor (does not lead to MOT failure but must be resolved).

MOT repairs and retest

If your vehicle passes the MOT check, we will issue a VT20 certificate. However, if it fails to clear the test, we will provide a VT30 certificate along with all the necessary details explaining the reasons (dangerous and major) for the failure. Qur team will also help you understand the requirements for passing the test.

If your vehicle fails the test, you can get the underlying issues rectified at our facility. We stock genuine OE-grade spares at great prices. After the necessary MOT repairs, we will conduct a partial re-test free of charge. Please note, repairs must be completed within 10 working days from the failure date.

For more details on this, please go to the ‘MOT Repairs’ section on our website.

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