Catalytic Convertor, Are You Looking For Catalytic Convertors For Your Vehicle?, The Catalytic Convertor is one of the most crucial exhaust components. They filter out hazardous gases produced during combustion and convert them into a less harmful mixture, before releasing them into the environment. If the catalytic converter malfunctions, the gases released from the vehicle’s exhaust system will fail to meet the Euro V emission standards, thereby reducing your car’s roadworthiness and safety.

At Malling Repair Services Ltd, we offer you cost-effective catalytic converter inspections using cutting-edge tools and equipment. Should we find some critical underlying issue, we will offer you efficient catalytic converters Maidstone using genuine OEF-grade spares.

Warning Signs Of A Failing Catalytic Converter?

lf you are wondering what the symptoms of a failing catalytic converter are, check out the list below:

  • Stench of noxious gases inside the driver and passenger cabins.
  • The check engine light is on.
  • Engine misfires.
  • Poor and sluggish engine performance.
  • Exhaust emits black smoke.
  • Poor acceleration, etc.

In case you face any of these issues, you must immediately come down to us for a detailed check and efficient catalytic converters Maidstone at budget-friendly rates.

Factors Responsible For A Malfunctioning Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is usually custom-built by vehicle manufacturers to last for up to 10 years or same what between 70,000 and 100,000 miles. This estimation largely depends on the vehicle model and technical specifications.

However, often, the catalytic converter begins to malfunction much before the manufacturer specified life-span due to a number of factors, like:

  • Antifreeze or oil leakage into the exhaust, leading to clogging.
  • Damaged oxygen sensors.
  • Damaged spark plugs or wires.
  • Impact damages from accidents, and more.
  • Infiltration of un-burnt fuel into the exhaust causing excessive heat in the catalytic converter.

Why Come Down To Us?

lf you are looking for catalytic converter repair services Maidstone, we recommend you visit us. Our highly trained team of experts offer high quality replacements at excellent prices.

AS already mentioned above, a catalytic converter can malfunction due to several issues, like:

  • Clogging
  • Over-heating
  • Contamination
  • Physical damage, etc.

Therefore, we first thoroughly examine the failing catalytic converter to identify any fault, then decice the right course of action. Our experts will then conduct catalytic converters Maidstone with your consent, if the damages are too severe.

Look no further for catalytic converter repairs near me and visit us.

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