Are You Looking For TPMS Replacement For Your Vehicle?, TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System works with dedicated TPMS sensors that track tyre pressure continually and relay the data to the car’s ECU. If the tyre pressure falls 25% below the recommended level, the TPMS warning light flashes on the car dashboard.

TPMS sensors are susceptible to damages due to various external factors like extreme temperatures, harsh external environment, etc. Damaged TPMS sensors are unable to track tyre pressures correctly and can jeopardise your on-road safety.

Malling Repair Services Ltd is a reputable car workshop for TPMS replacement Maidstone. Our in-house team is adept at TPMS replacements and use advanced equipment and technologies to deliver prompt and accurate services. We stock OE-grade spares to replace damaged TPMS sensors and valves to ensure your on road Safety.

Types of TPMS Replacement

Direct: In this system, TPMS sensors are fit on the car wheels to track tyre pressure directly and transmit the data to the ECU in real time. Your car’s ECU then illuminates the TPMS warning light.

Indirect: In the case of an indirect TPMS, the system collates data from the ABS sensors of your vehicle to identify the tyre pressure indirectly.

Regardless of the type of TPMS system in your vehicle, our experts are fully equipped and trained in all types of TPMS.

How Do TPMS Sensors Sustain Damages?

Physical damage

Harsh external conditions and significant climate changes throughout the year are some of the most common causes for TPMS sensor damage. You will have to opt for a TPMS sensor replacement Maidstone from us if the damages are too severe. The transmission coils are also vulnerable to damage from extreme temperatures, thereby affecting the TPMS sensors.

Exhausted batteries

Another common reason for TPMS failure is exhausted sensor batteries. In such a case, our experts recommend replacing the entire sensor. This is mainly because TPMS

batteries are sealed deep inside the sensors, and it’s quite difficult to remove the battery alone.

Galvanic corrosion

TPMS sensors are usually mounted on pure aluminium stem valves, making them vulnerable to oxidation and rust. These can cause galvanic corrosion, and you might have to opt for a TPMS sensor replacement Maidstone from us.

How often should you opt for a TPMS sensor replacement?

Our experts recommend opting for a TPMS replacement Maidstone once every five years. Basically, like other car components, TPMS sensors also come with a definitive service life. But this depends on the car make and model and various external factors, making routine TPMS sensor check Maidstone essential.

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