Cheap MOT, The Main Rules For MOTs, The test used to be called the “Ministry of Transport” test, but now it’s just called an “MOT.” It’s a legal and safety requirement for cars, motorcycles, and any other vehicle.

Make sure you know the rules so that your car has the best chance of passing the test and you have the best chance of staying safe.

It is up to the owner to make sure the car has a valid MOT.

Information about the test is kept in a central database and on a paper certificate. It’s up to the owner to ensure their vehicle’s certificate is still valid, not the government.

It Is Essential To Know When To Get Your Cheap MOT

You must take a test when the car is three years old.Cheap MOT, After that, you have to take it every year. There are many cheap MOT services available in town. If you take a test the month before your current certificate expires, the new one will expire exactly one year after the old one.

The earliest date you can do this is printed on your test certificate. You can avail it with any cheap MOT service.

But if you get it checked out more than a month before the MOT is due, it will expire precisely a year later, which means you lose out. The rules and steps for MOTs are slightly different in every country.

Find Out When Your Car’s MOT Is Due

If you don’t know whenever your MOT is due, you can use a simple tool at Gov.UK to find out. You only need to enter the vehicle’s license plate number.

You can also use Gov.UK to get a free reminder one month before your MOT is due. You’ll need to give an email address or phone number and the registration number of a car registered in England, Wales, or Scotland.