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People often ask why our MOT service is so cheap, especially when they see other services asking for so much more. What many people don’t realize is the consequences of not getting a MOT are much higher than they expect. Not only will you be fined if your car is found to be breaking the law by not having an MOT but without one, your insurance might also become invalidated. To avoid these consequences and get your car checked before it becomes a problem, call  MOT Service today!

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Not having your vehicle regularly checked could cost you a lot more than it may seem. Failure to have your car inspected every year can lead to fines, increased insurance costs and even being turned away by some companies when they come to take a look.

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Proper maintenance of your vehicle is vital to its safety. You depend on it every day – so why wouldn’t you want the best for it? We offer affordable service, which will guarantee your car runs smoothly and safely, no matter what’s wrong with it.

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