1.  Change Out The Spark Plugs.

Spark plugs are small but can cause a lot of trouble.Car Repair, Their job is to light your engine’s fuel, which helps it start. The pins themselves are cheap and, if you know how can be changed by yourself. But if they aren’t put in the right (or if you don’t get them replaced in time),

2. Fuel Cap Tightening

A car’s “check engine” light often comes on because the fuel cap is loose. If you don’t fix them, your fuel will burn faster, and you’ll have to fill up your tank more often, which will cost you in the long run.

3. Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Oxygen sensors measure how much oxygen is in the exhaust gases so the engine can run better and reduce pollution.

4. Brake Work

We all know how vital brake work is, mainly since one in four car accidents in Canada are caused by the driver’s inability to stop. One way to fix something is to change the brake pads.

5. Oil Changes

To keep your car’s engine in the best shape possible, you should change the oil every 5,000 km. The reason is that dirt and other things get stuck in a car’s oil over time, making it less able to keep the engine running smoothly. It’s one of the essential things you can learn to do in a programme to become an auto mechanic.

6. Tires Replacement

You lose speed, control, and gas mileage without sound and inflated tyres.Car Repair, This is why you should get them fixed if they leak (like if you hit a nail) or replaced if they are too worn. It’s better to get new ones than to risk having a blowout on the road, which could cause a big accident.