Reasons Of Car Overheating, There are many reasons for car overheating. Sometimes, something is wrong with the cooling system, and the engine can’t let the heat out. The problem could be caused by a leak in the cooling system, a broken water pump, a broken radiator fan, or a clogged coolant hose.

No matter what caused the problem, an engine that gets too hot isn’t something you want to ignore. Your engine could sustain severe, if not permanent, damage.

What to Do When Your Engine Gets Too Hot

1.     Turn Off The Air Conditioner And Turn Up The Heat

Turn off the air conditioner immediately to make the engine work less complicated. Then turn the dial to the highest level of heat. This can help pull heat away from the engine so it doesn’t overheat before you can stop in a safe place. You might get a little warm, but a few minutes of discomfort is a small price compared to major engine repairs.

2.     Pull Over In A Safe Place

Stop the car and turn it off. Give the engine at least 15 minutes to cool down. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge. As the engine cools, it should move back into a normal range.

While you wait (and keep an eye on the gauge), make a plan for getting your overheated engine checked out.

3.     Look It Over And Add Coolant

If your coolant level is low, adding more could protect your engine and keep it from overheating until you can fix it. But this step won’t help much. You can face constant car overheating problem if a coolant hose is clogged or a broken radiator fan or water pump is the problem.