CAR CHECK AFTER HAVING YOUR CAR SERVICED, Engine oil / Transmission oil, Engine is the heart of your car; for it to work well, you need to change the oil and filter. The same is valid for transmission, although it doesn’t usually have a filter. Depending on when you change the oil, look at how it looks before and after. The new oil would be cleaner and lighter in colour.

Coolant / Brake fluid

After a few thousand kilometres, the engine coolant needs to be changed because it loses its effectiveness. And depending on what the Car Check maker says, you may also need to change or refill the brake fluid, even though there’s no way to know if this has been done or not unless you see it happen. Please stay in the observation bay or take it to a service station where you can see what’s happening.

Belongings / Tool kit / Boot

Remove the tool kit and other personal items from the car before taking them in for service. If it’s not possible, you can ask the service advisor to write it on the Job sheet so it doesn’t get lost while it’s being fixed. Also, ensure the spare wheel and other accessories are there when you get the Car Check.

Fuel level

Service advisors write down the amount of fuel on the job sheet to ensure it isn’t wasted. During the summer, it’s common to check that the air conditioning is working. Check the fuel level when you deliver it to ensure that mechanics aren’t using it to hang out.

What The Odometer Says

After getting a car check, it’s common to take it for a short test drive of about 2–3 km to ensure it drives well, moves well, and has no other problems. A long test drive may be needed if the engine has been overhauled or the head gasket has been replaced. The reading would show if the car were misused while you weren’t looking.