5 Easy Steps to change a Car Bulb, First, turn on your headlights to see if just one of them isn’t working. If a light is out 90% of the time, it will work again if the bulb is changed. If you don’t have a Car Bulb on hand or are on the road when you realize your headlights aren’t working, you can pull over and tap the light with your fist, which will sometimes make it work.

In 5 steps, here’s how to change a headlight bulb.

Step 1. Turn Off Your Car

Turn off your car and remove the ignition keys to keep everyone safe.

Step 2. Open Engine Compartment

Open the hood of your car and look near the front for the headlight holder.

Step 3: Cut The Power Wires To The Headlight Bulbs

Most light bulbs have three wires coming out of the bottom. Pull down the clip or cap that is holding them down.

Step 4: Remove The Old Headlight’s Screws

But if you can open the headlight, you must switch out the halogen bulb. This means looking at how the light bulb is held in place and carefully taking it out. If you break the clips used here, you must take the whole headlight off. You have to look at how it’s connected, take it apart carefully, and then put it back together without touching the bulb’s glass.

Step 5: Screw In The New Light Bulb

Screw the new bulb in carefully without touching the glass. If oil or dirt is on your hands, the bulb could break when it gets hot. Close your car’s hood. Once you put in the new bulb, your headlights should be as good as fresh again, and you can enjoy driving your car again, day or night.

Most of the time, changing a Car Bulb is easy, and you don’t need to take car to a mechanic.