Battery Problem; Car owners should think of their batteries as the heart of their cars because they make the car run in any weather. We often take these powerhouses for granted and expect them to start when we turn the key, but no car battery lasts forever.

A car battery usually dies after about four years, no matter how well you drive. But there are more signs that a storm is going bad than a car that won’t start in the morning. If you notice these things, you should take your vehicle to a local service center to check any car Battery problem.

1.     Sounds Of Clicking

If you turn the key to start the engine and all you hear is a clicking sound, likely, the battery doesn’t have enough power to turn on the starter motor. This could be because the alternator isn’t charging it all the way. Bring your car to a service center so the charging system and battery can be checked.

The clicking sound could also be caused by a bad starter solenoid or relay that doesn’t send enough power to the starter.

2.     Corrosion

Corrosion on a battery can look like a fuzzy buildup of different colors. This can mean a leak, which can cause the battery to work less well. Corrosion makes it hard for electrons to get to the battery terminal cables, which can shorten the life of lead-acid batteries. If you can see enough corrosion on the battery terminal to look like a small layer of white fuzz, the car battery problems will probably worsen.

Regular battery maintenance should help stop corrosion, and there are also liquids you can spray on or paint on that do the same thing. Under the terminals, you can put coated pads to soak up any leaking acid.

3.     Every Morning, The Battery Is Dead.

Your car’s battery charges as you drive it. If your vehicle often doesn’t start even though you charged the battery the day before, something might be wrong. This happens a lot when it’s scorching or freezing outside. This clearly indicates a car battery problem.