Major Service, Car Major Service in Foster St, Maidstone, A car major service is what you get when you have an automobile service that has been made aware of any vehicle’s problems that need to be fixed. This includes things such as brake pads, an oil change, or a full engine replacement.

What is a car major service?

A car major service is the monthly service that keeps your car running smoothly and efficiently. It is recommended to have one every 3,000 miles. It ensures that your car is running at peak performance. It also ensures that you don’t have to worry about damaging your car. This service is offered by the Malling Repair Services Maidstone.

What problems does a car major service fix?

Most car major services are helpful in repairing minor issues with your car. They can fix your car’s engine or transmission, or even your brakes. They can also fix your car’s computer system. The most common car major services are oil changes and car tune-ups, but most car major services will also do more. A car major service also does a lot of preventative maintenance, which is just as important as the repairs.

What are the benefits of a car major service?

A car major service is a major service offered by a Malling Repair Services in Foster St, Maidstone. It is a service that is required after every few months or year in order to maintain the car’s performance and to ensure the car’s safety. A car major service includes a full engine service, transmission service, brake service, and a general car service. A car major service will also include an oil change and a check of the vehicle’s fluids. A car major service will also include an inspection of the car’s suspension and brakes.

When you need car major service?

As your car ages, it will need more and more regular services to keep it running smoothly. You should schedule a service for your car once a year if you drive less than 12,000 miles per year. The most important service that your car needs is an oil change. Your car’s oil protects the engine from heat and pressure and helps the engine run smoothly. When you get your oil changed, your car’s filter will also be replaced. This ensures that your car will continue to run smoothly and efficiently.


Car major service by Malling Repair Services in Foster St, Maidstone is a good option for anyone who needs their car fixed. Whether you are looking for a quick service or a long-term service, there are plenty of options. There are also many different types of services offered by Malling Repair Services in Foster St, Maidstone that you can choose from, depending on your needs.